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Art Lessing:

A decade’s worth of selections from the career of hometaper/visual artist Dan Quillen. Based out of Sacramento, this release qualifies some 24 releases Quillen’s performed on in the past decade, and a symbiotic relationship having formed between him and local freeform college radio station KDVS. Certainly the world wasn’t getting access to Art Lessing’s dozen or so full-lengths and collaborations, and the case could be made that he was making all of this music specifically for airplay on the radio, with an ulterior motive of casting any listeners within his grasp within a very specific moodspace of his own creation. The project shifts between lo-fi basement riff rockin’ and more placid escapes, headtrips blaring back from the history of weird/out there music being reflected onto pockets of Northern California in some sort of perpetual motion device of media influence and … my god this guy is a supervillain (and he draws like Vaughn Bode but with a much thinner point). Get lost in the psychedelic marshes of one sinister man’s mind. It’s a pretty mellow trip, orange sunshine all around. 500 copies, comes with a hand-stitched lyric booklet and sketchpad, containing loads of Quillen’s alternate universe scribbles. --- Doug Mosurock

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Pregnant needs to pass the drugs: Northern California's Pregnant is more of a hermit in a forest project than a bedroom project. Imagined by Daniel Trudeau, it's a special brand of weirdness that might come from living too close to the natural mushrooms in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Although there's no cause for concern, no one in or associated with the group is pregnant and on drugs, to our limited knowledge. Pregnant ranges from flipped and backspun circus music betwixt twinkling alien transmissions and heavy drone to pitch-shifted nursery folk mimicking a children's sing-a-long tape. The distortion hovers between genuine silliness to possessed insanity sheep-skinned in coyness. --- Blake Gillespie, Impose Magazine

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